An Update from Arlo

10 Sep

Hello fans and on-lookers!
The greenhouse group at ARTech has successfully put up another post (you are reading it).

We are working on getting the conditional use permit. It’s required by the city so we construct the actual greenhouse.  It’s  first on our priority list (therefore the “FIRST” position on our update).

We are continuing to apply for grants. I’m not exactly sure about what we have or will applied for but I know we are.

Amelia’s father has so graciously decided to make up some blueprints for us, (actually he decided to a while ago). As soon as we get those we’ll be able to the conditional use permit. Thanks Peter!

WE have a NEW member of the team! He’s a senior and his name is Nick! An awesome guy and a great addition to the project.

Also, we are continuing to try to find a decent time to meet that’s NOT during lunch period seeing as it’s hard to talk with our mouths full.

And with that the update has been concluded

-Greenhouse team


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