Another Post from Arlo

11 Sep

Hello Everybody,
So Amelia, Danny and myself (Arlo) were discussing some of the questions on the conditional use permit earlier today. We came up with a list of questions  that need to be answered before we can submit the application.  Some of those questions  are:

1) Do we need a fire extinguisher in the greenhouse?

2) What are the Northfield City signage requirements?

3) Are there any endangered types of animals such as killer rabbits in the building lot?

ALSO, there are some thing that need to get done such as:

1) Find environmental quality standards for the city of Northfield

2) Check into height, density, and intensity regulations for the site we’re looking at

3) Danny is going to look into the ACTUAL (apparently my data was faulty) cost of the polycarbonate sheets.

that’s about it…
we’ll keep you updated on everything etc.. etc…

~Greenhouse Team


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