Meeting Notes: Tuesday, September 15

16 Sep

We have another new member of the project: James R. We’re very excited to have new blood working on the project, fresh ideas, et cetera.

For our last meeting, Danny did a second cost estimate for the polycarbonate that we will be using as the covering for the greenhouse. The revised estimate cost about $15,000 less. This was good news for us.

We scouted out several spots for the location of the greenhouse, and we figured the site adjacent to us (the north field) would be the best, but we’d need to talk to the landlord of the property for permission. Buying the land is not an option because charter schools can’t own their own land.

The second location we chose was on the south west corner of the property that the school is on. However, the trees might pose an issue, as far as sun hours go.

For the next meeting, which will be on the 29th, we each have something to do. Todd needs to find an expert on greenhouses so we can have advice on what the best glazing would be. Nick, a new member of the group, was assigned to decide what plants we will grow. James is the new secretary, who’s in charge of taking notes at the meetings, writing meeting updates, and so on.

–Nick and James


One Response to “Meeting Notes: Tuesday, September 15”

  1. CJ September 18, 2009 at 10:34 am #

    I think the north field is worth a shot at least.

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