Ground Unofficially Broken on the Greenhouse

23 Oct

So today, even though it was cold and snowing, we “broke” ground for the greenhouse. Completely unofficial, but broken nonetheless.

Todd had talked to the landlord and gotten Official Permission earlier this morning, and also learned that part of our property is actually on the north side of the driveway. So I talked to Simon and Rebecca and finally located the blueprints and site plan for the ARTech property. It turns out that 10 feet north of the driveway is where the property line is. Unfortunately, these 10 feet are all swampy and drainage-ditch-like.

So Danny and I (everyone else from the group was either sick or on a field trip) went and found a tape measure and a hammer and some a piece of wood for stakes and a knife to cut the wood, went outside into the cold freezingness (why neither of us brought a coat to school, I don’t know; everyone has moments of bad judgment in the morning) and staked out the greenhouse in the field. By the time we were done, we both had numb hands and were pretty chilly, but it was super great to be able to point to the stakes from the heated comfort of the school and say, “That’s where the greenhouse is going.”

I should add that we were going to take a picture for the blog, but it was truly awful out and everyone concerned (Todd, Danny, and I, that is) went “meh” and dropped it. Maybe on a nicer day we’ll go out with a hammer and pretend we’re breaking ground.

I strongly encourage everyone to bring a coat where ever they go. Especially on days it’s supposed to snow.



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