City Hall Trip

12 Jan

Yesterday afternoon, Danny, Todd, and I went down to city hall to talk to the city planner, Dan Olson. Things we found out:

  1. Instead of $850 to apply for a conditional use permit to build the greenhouse, it’s now $1200.
  2. We cannot put the greenhouse in the field north of ARTech; we either have to put it on the parking lot or the soccer field, or pay $350 for a variance, which would allow us to build the greenhouse on the south side of the school. Combined with the conditional use permit fees, this leaves a significant hole in our budget.
  3. We have to have a water handling system sufficient to hold 7 inches of rainwater coming in 24 hours.

While the meeting wasn’t full of happy news, I think we all feel better knowing exactly what to do in regard to the city regulations. And now, we also have to start some fundraising!


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