Applications: the Update

9 Apr

Today, Todd talked to Dan Olson, from the City of Northfield, about the conditional use permit. We now know exactly what we need to submit, and how to write it. The final amount of money we’ll need to write a check for is a whopping $1550 for a conditional use permit and a variance (which will allow us to put the greenhouse in further forward than the very back of the school).

This is a lot of money for anybody, but here’s something to consider: this fee is over half of what our hoophouse will cost us once we go to build it, and look at how sweet it is (image courtesy of Poly-Tex, Inc.):

We talk to our landlord’s representative early next week for a signature on the conditional use permit and variance. The school is willing to write us a check until we can invoice the University of Minnesota for our CERTs grant coverage. Everything is really starting to fall into place!


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