Early May Update

7 May

Things at ARTech are getting more and more hectic as the quarter draws to a close.  On May 20th, classes will close and we will switch to a May term. While not much new may be posted, rest assured that work will still be continuing!

Last Thursday, Todd and I took the conditional use permit down to City Hall with a check for $1550 and seven copies of the site plan, among other things. So now that very large step is finished. We should have approval by early June.

Fundraising is coming along smashingly! According to our calculations, we have between $1400 and $2400 left to raise, depending on which greenhouse will be purchased.  (Which of course also depends on how much money we raise).

Also, I’m working on getting a photo or six of the model greenhouse we made for Earth Day for either the blog header or a pretty-looking post. Keep checking back!


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