Construction Log – Friday, 15 October

18 Oct
  • Finished driving the ground stakes into the ground. The 2 1/2 foot stakes are now 2 feet into the earth.
  • Cut off some mushroomed-out pipes (bent out from excessive student pounding with a sledge hammer) with either a handsaw or a Saw-zall. This is impressive because each wall of the pipe is 1/4″ thick steel.
  • Assembled hoops on the ground (including drilling through previously stated, rather thick pipes)
  • Set hoops in place on the ground stakes
  • Attached purlin ridge (runs at the top of hoops and holds them together) from a ladder with, you guessed it, another drill.

Next up: hoops supports.


One Response to “Construction Log – Friday, 15 October”

  1. Kesha Nuriddin November 3, 2010 at 8:04 pm #

    Nice stuff, do tell me when you finally post something like this!

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