Vegetables can freeze, part 2: Asian greens

14 Dec


Well, folks, you really loved the first “Vegetables Can Freeze” post. Really loved. As in, in two weeks, it had more views than any other post!

So in response, we will now offer a brief overview of the crops we’ve decided to plant in our greenhouse, along with some basic information. And today’s post, as you may have guessed, is about Asian greens.

"Jimmy, you must eat all your komatsuna before you can leave the table."

The three varieties of Asian green that we will be planting in the greenhouse this winter are as follows: mizuna, bekana (a type of Chinese cabbage) , and komatsuna. First and foremost, we chose these seeds because of their cold-hardiness and quick growing time. They will all be harvested for baby greens in a salad mix. Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog reports that they will go from planting to harvest in 21 days for baby greens, although it will take longer if grown in winter harvests. They have a variety of textures and flavors, ranging from delicate and sweet to juicy and spicy.

As is true of any other salad green, they are sweeter and tenderer when harvested young. And as you may have remembered from the last “veggies can freeze” post, greens grown during the winter are sweeter and tenderer than their summer-grown counterparts.  So it all equals up to super tender, juicy, beautiful salad. In March. Start stocking up on your favorite dressing now!

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