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CERTs $5000 Recieved

6 Jan

Yesterday morning, I recieved an email congratulating the project on recieving a $5000 CERTs technical assistance grant. We’ll use the grant to pay for a engineer, building crew, etc. This is a really great thing for the project….now we really have to build a greenhouse.



CERTs $5000 grant update

28 Dec

As of yesterday, a $5000 grant we applied for from the Clean Energy Resource Teams has been recommended for funding. If we are approved, We plan on using the grant money to pay for technical expertise, such as a builder/construction crew. Now, we haven’t neccessarily recieved the money yet, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for some money. (This would be the first grant we’ve recieved so far.)

$20,000 CERTs Grant

4 Dec

Yesterday, I sent in a grant for $20,000 to CERTs (clean energy resource teams), which is a component of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Danny and I had been working really hard on it…I think we’re glad it’s finally finished. Although it may not seem possible, doing the application helped us refine the project even more, so we got even more out of the whole thing. We’ll find out if we won in January.


Ben and Jerry’s Foundation

23 Nov

On Friday, I sent out our letter of interest to the Ben and Jerry’s foundation about their funding our project. We should hear back in eight weeks or so about whether or not we’ve made it through the first round.


Grant Submitted (That’s Two in One Day)

30 Oct

To wrap up this week, I mailed off a grant to the NGA (National Gardening Association) and Home Depot. The grant is for two $500 gift cards (one for the NGA’s catalog, and one for Home Depot). We’ll know if we got it by the end of February.

While finishing off this grant, I learned a few very essential things about ARTech.  Here they are.

  1. The manilla envelopes are kept in a secret hiding place,  and students are not allowed into the inner sanctum. Except for those trained in the ways of the Force.
  2. Rebecca will cut me a check if I provide documentation for her. They look very official.
  3. Kim will mail an envelope for me if it’s for school. And she will do it with a smile.

So.  Talk to you all on Monday. Have a happy Halloween!


CERTs $5000 Grant Submitted

30 Oct

Just now, I emailed the application for $5000 from the Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams. It was a pretty in-depth one, in that we also had to fill out a spreadsheet documenting the various aspects of the project, as well as filling out the regular form.

One thing I like about doing grants now is that I already have some generic answers, which saves a lot of time.

Next, I have to mail out a $1000 grant through the National Gardening Association and Home Depot. And then it’s time for the $20,000 CERTs grant. Oh boy.


Lowe’s Grant Submitted

15 Oct

Just now, I submitted an online application for $5000 through Lowe’s Toolbox for Education. It was very enjoyable.

We’ll know if we recieved the grant in January sometime. So much suspense! I can hardly wait until mid-November to find out about the SCA’s (School Conservation Association) Green Your School Contest. And we’ll know about the Annie’s Naturals grant by the first of December. If I knew how to make a countdown, I’d put one up here.