Assembling one of the hoops on the ground.

We realized about half way through our drawn-out, frustrating process that our difficulties had a silver lining. Learning for other people!

We’re all excited at what we’ve been able to accomplish. In fact, we’re so excited that we’d like to create a free online guide for other small projects like ours.

What would a guide like this contain? Well, we don’t know yet.  A chapter about fundraising (grants, inventive money-gathering tactics), writing for publicity (like blogging), choosing a structure (what to consider), and maybe even some suggestions for growing or fun projects.

But we need your help. What would you like to know if you were getting ready to embark on a project like this? Let us know in the comments below; the sooner we have suggestions, the sooner we can start!

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2 Responses to “Learn!”


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