Winter 2009: "Just pretend you see a greenhouse..."

You might just be so excited to read more about us that you want to hunt us down on the rest of the wide, beautiful interwebs. Now you have that option.

Below is a list of where we’ve appeared in writing since starting our project. We’ve included links where applicable, but some of the features (the Northfield News especially) are only available in print. Maybe there’s an archive?

Simon Tyler’s Blog

  • November 2010. Check it out; it’s pretty cool, plus Simon is a good writer.

Northfield Patch

  • October 2010. Corey Butler, Jr. is one awesome dude. You’re probably seen the pictures from his article. If you’re hungry for video, you should check out the link; there’s a cool one on the article page.

Northfield Healthy Community Initiative Blog

  • HCI was one of our funders. They wrote a glowing article about the culmination of our project on their website.  It’s very well done, plus it has a photo that was made into a poster for the school’s open house.

The Northfield News

  • October 2010. Photo feature of us breaking ground on the greenhouse. Not online.
  • June 2010. Article about the process. Print only.

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