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Guess What we Ordered?

17 Sep

Yesterday, at approximately 11.30a, The ARTech greenhouse team placed a call to Polytex and ordered the greenhouse. They said there will be about 2 weeks of preparation time for them to get everything ready, and then we can go pick it up. This is the beginning of the end, of the beginning.

Also, the building permit for the City will be sent in on monday.





9 Sep

After countless discussions and almost two years of work, the completion of the greenhouse is at our doorstep. We kicked off the school year with an awesome meeting where we gained two new student members, Andrew Wilson, and Mariama Jallow, officially hired Andrew Ehrmann as our farmer in residence, and finalized the positioning of the greenhouse on the south side of ARTech. These steps mark the beginning of the end because once we order the structure and apply for the building permit it’s a waiting game till we can start hammering stakes into the ground. Its been a long, long process, but it will all be worth it to the group and to the school once a beautiful 48 foot greenhouse neighbors the solar panels on our southern lawn.

Artech students at one of St. Olaf's greenhouses

Amelia’s Meeting with Julie Bubser

7 Oct

Yesterday, I met with Julie Bubser from HCI (Healthy Community Initiative) about the $1000 grant I applied for from the Key and HCI. Julie told me that I could have official approval for the funds by the end of the month if I got the secondary application in ASAP.  We are both very excited about the grant/the project, so it was a great meeting. Put the secondary application on my to do list, guys.


Meeting with Julie Bubser

6 Oct

Today at 1.30, I’m meeting with Julie Bubser from the Key/HCI (Healthy Community Initiative) to talk about the second application for the $1000 small business grant from them. In case you hadn’t figured it out, we got the ok for the first application, and now I’ll be working on the second one.


Meeting Notes, from James

5 Oct

1.) Amelia has to do the grant for the $20,000 CERTs funding by the 3rd of December

2.) Find out how a greenhouse reduces our carbon footprint

3.) Talk to Joe and Simon about accepting funding from grants

4.) Call and talk to landlord–Todd

5.) Logo ideas–Leilani

6.) Todd– write a post for the blog

7.) Find out what to grow and come up with a list–Nick

8.) Learn about cold weather crops–Nick

9.) Harvest Festival is this Saturday….are we going?