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What’s growing now: a picture feature

10 Apr

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2011, the year of (more) vegetables

5 Jan

Here we are, standing right at the beginning of the third calendar year of our project’s existence. We’ve come a pretty long way already, you know, having a greenhouse and all. So what can you all expect in the next year of the greenhouse project? We’ve come up with a short list.

1. Greenhouse Improvements (an automatic ventilation system)
2. Wind turbine (to power the inflation fan)
3. Grant application (to pay for the above two)
4. Our first harvest from our salad CSA, and
5. Our first fall planting (as opposed to a hasty winter experiment-type thing).

So now you have some sense of anticipation, hopefully, just like us. We hope that 2011 will be a productive and vegetable-filled year for everyone out there.


Check it out…more publicity!

23 Nov


You guys should definitely check out this article about us…it’s pretty spiffy, plus it has a video and photo gallery.

We’re just about to let out of school for Thanksgiving break, so I’m afraid I’m just going to have to throw the link and run. Oh yeah. And add a photo.

Here it is!


9 Sep

After countless discussions and almost two years of work, the completion of the greenhouse is at our doorstep. We kicked off the school year with an awesome meeting where we gained two new student members, Andrew Wilson, and Mariama Jallow, officially hired Andrew Ehrmann as our farmer in residence, and finalized the positioning of the greenhouse on the south side of ARTech. These steps mark the beginning of the end because once we order the structure and apply for the building permit it’s a waiting game till we can start hammering stakes into the ground. Its been a long, long process, but it will all be worth it to the group and to the school once a beautiful 48 foot greenhouse neighbors the solar panels on our southern lawn.

Artech students at one of St. Olaf's greenhouses

Green for green?

3 Jun

Looking for something fun to do on a Friday evening this summer? Love to listen to live music? Then we have a concert for you! On Friday, June 18, there will be a concert by Bret Hesla and Linda Breitag at the Haslett-Marroquin family farm, Finca Mirasol, to benefit ARTech’s own greenhouse project! The show starts at 7:00 pm, and there is no admission fee; free will donations are encouraged.

The ARTech greenhouse project was started in February of 2009 in order to plan for and eventually construct an organic, solar-powered greenhouse at the school. Since then, we’ve come a long way. The only thing holding us back from building the greenhouse is a $1700 gap between what we have and what we need. Other sources of funding are secured, including grants from the Northfield Union of Youth in partnership with the Healthy Community Initiative, and from the Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams. We plan on having the greenhouse built and ready for use by students by the time school starts, but we need your help! Join us on the 18th for a great concert and a chance to help make ARTech a better place to go to school.