A student regards fresh brassica and chard transplants. Photo credit: Corey Butler, Jr.,

“So what is growing outside  this time of year?” you ask.

We can’t tell you.

Our greenhouse will warm the air inside it anywhere between 9 and 104 degrees F, depending on outside temperature and sunlight (and this is all we’ve experienced so far!).  So while you may be wondering what’s growing in the real world right now, we can only tell you what’s photosynthesizing away in our microclimate.

Here’s what’s in now!

  • 15 row feet of garlic
  • 240 row feet of spinach
  • 180 row feet of Asian greens like mizuna
  • 40 row feet of lettuce

Keep checking back, because as it gets more and more wintry, we’ll be planting more and more.


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