Planning for the greenhouse, September 2009.

One of the neatest things about our project is the large amount of external support we’ve been given.

We’d like to recognize the people who’ve helped us along the way here. They all rock!

  • ARTech and Simon Tyler: Thanks for all the printing, postage, and field trips you covered. We also really appreciate the fact that you let us miss classes to do some work for the greenhouse,  and yet you were still enthusiastic about the project!
  • Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams: Thanks for the $5000 grant for technical expertise related to our project. Without it, we would still be stuck in the depression called fundraising
  • Peter Schmelzer, AIA, LEED-AP, Vivus Architecture + Design: Thanks for designing us the classiest little greenhouse ever seen at this latitude! We’re sorry we didn’t get the grant that building it hinged on.
  • Northfield Union of Youth and the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative: Thank you for the $1000 micro grant. With it, we were able to buy a really sweet greenhouse with two layers of plastic for insulation
  • Marroquin-Haslett Family Benefit Concert: Thank you so much for paying for the inflation fan for the greenhouse. Without it, our winters would be mucher cooler inside the building.
  • ARTech Student Hat Project: Thank you for paying for our first run of brochures! The people at the MOSES conference in 2009 loved them.
  • Mrs. Amaryllys Thompson: Thank you for paying for educational books by Eliot Coleman. We’ll be able to grow plants through the winter thanks to you!
  • Liz Crombie, Poly-Tex Inc.: Thank you for answering every question we threw at you, regardless of stupidity or relevance. Thank you also for doing quotes for us and scoring us an educational discount for our greenhouse.
  • Reginaldo Marroquin-Haslett, Rural Enterprise Center: Thank you for helping us get our project off the ground. We wouldn’t be here without you.
  • Just Food Coop: Thank you for explaining how sale to an organic coop works. You set us on the road to vegetable production!

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