The first seeds to be planted in the greenhouse are here!

1 Dec

The greenhouse is noticiably warmer inside, even minutes after the plastic is secured.

Yes, it’s December. Yes, it’s only 24 days until Christmas. But the growing season inside the brand spankin’ new greenhouse is just getting started.

We recieved our $86 order of seeds for a salad CSA (community supported agriculture system) on Monday. What will the ten members of our CSA be recieving in April and May? I thought you’d never ask!

Asian greens. Two varieties of leeks. Four different varieties of lettuce. Arugula. Mache. Spinach. Extra sweet carrots (the cold weather converts starch to sugar). Radishes.

How can these things grow through the -20 degree weather? Well, I guess you’ll have to stay tuned. The next post will be about exactly that.


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