Grant Submitted (That’s Two in One Day)

30 Oct

To wrap up this week, I mailed off a grant to the NGA (National Gardening Association) and Home Depot. The grant is for two $500 gift cards (one for the NGA’s catalog, and one for Home Depot). We’ll know if we got it by the end of February.

While finishing off this grant, I learned a few very essential things about ARTech.  Here they are.

  1. The manilla envelopes are kept in a secret hiding place,  and students are not allowed into the inner sanctum. Except for those trained in the ways of the Force.
  2. Rebecca will cut me a check if I provide documentation for her. They look very official.
  3. Kim will mail an envelope for me if it’s for school. And she will do it with a smile.

So.  Talk to you all on Monday. Have a happy Halloween!



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